Thursday, August 30, 2007

Emry my STRONG boy...

So Emry's movin a lot....what's good now is he's getting a little older and I can tell he's getting more into the swing of when to sleep, etc...There still are the "go to sleep Emry, I can't until you do" kinda nights, but for the most part he knows now when to sleep and not be so sensitive to my every move. I used to be afraid to turn to the other side in the middle of the night, and dreaded getting up to go to the bathroom, because it seems like it took nothing to make him wide awake, and then there I was trying to get back to sleep and he's Josh jr. spazzing inside of me, as I looked at Josh while he slept like a baby...or not. haha, fun nights, love every sec....but amazing how much they learn and grow in such a short amount of time....


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