Thursday, August 30, 2007

Just one wish...

I figured out what my one wish in life would be....not world peace cause seriously it just can't happen, not going to Disney World, cause well, I've alreayd been there......I would LOVE for Josh to experience just one day in the life of being pregnant....I mean really? wouldn't that be cool if guys could physically know what you're going through, what each movement feels like, why you want to take the elevator, etc... I mean Josh is a WONDERFUL husband and dad, and I'm not sayin this cause he doesn't apprecite what I go through, but it's like you're married, you're best friends, you share everything in the world together, but yet never has there been a time it's just not possible for him to feel what you're feeling.....ALTHOUGH I tend to wonder if it's coming true, cause I've noticed him talking about food and what he's craving everynight, and I havn't even had a craving yet....humm....well I do really want some of those candy cigarettes, which you can't FIND ANYWHERE ANYMORE!?!?


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