Thursday, August 30, 2007

Podfitness, the smart way to train!

Does anyone out there know how much personal trainers cost? A lot! Not to mention you have to then set up a time to meet with them. Well, you can forget all that with Podfitness. Podfitness is the world's first service that can actually put a real personal trainer right onto your iPod, Zune, or other MP3 Players! It is good to note that Podfitness just launched its biggest upgrade ever!!! so what are you waiting for?

For those of you thinking, "this is probably some dumb workout audio session," you're wrong. Every workout is custom-made and it comes from the world's biggest audio exercise library. You will have your workout plan designed by one of dozens of trainers that train many of Hollywood's A-List.

There are tons of categories to select from, and you can even hire more than 1 trainer, at once. After selecting your workout, it will be mixed with your own music and downloaded to your iTunes or Zune Library, for easy access. If you are trying to train for a 5K race, then select a workout that focuses on that.

Did I mention it is free for 10 days!?!? I know you can't turn down a free offer like that. You will have to give your credit card #, but this is just to make sure they can limit the freebies to 1 per person. There will be no charge on your card if you cancel before the 10 day trial is up. Please be aware that it does not work with iTunes Protected music or Zune Marketplace downloads, but you will find that it won't really hurt your experience at all.

Get over to the Podfitness Homepage today, and check them out. In addition to signing up, you will get a comp account to Podfitness, for 3 months! During this time you will be able to play around in the Podfitness system and you will get to use as many trainers and workouts as you want!

If you have any questions about the system, go ahead and contact Brandon Hays using his contact information listed below:

Customer Communications Director, Inc.

Don't hesitate, get over and check out Podfitness, today!

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