Friday, August 24, 2007 review. has put together some great new sites. I wanted to take the time to talk about one of them in particular. I took the time to go to one of their new event sites, about The Wounded Heart conference. I was very impressed with this site for a number of reasons, but the overall feeling it conveys is the most impressive. I didn't know much about The Wounded Heart conference or what it stood for, but after reading about it and seeing the tone of the registration site, I love it! At first I was wondering why the site was in somewhat dark colors, but it really does add to the overall emotion that the site conveys and helps display the seriousness of this conference. It really added to my overall experience of learning more about The Wounded Heart conference.

Another thing I liked was that the registration was online, and not from some newspaper. I am not a huge newspaper buff, but I do like to read the news, so I typically go online. It is easier, faster, and cheaper than paper. Not to mention sites are more engaging than reading something on paper.

The third thing that really stood out to me was how registering for the conference was one of the easiest forms I have seen on any registration site! All I had to do was click the register now button and follow each step. One thing that was kind of nice was that they kept the same theme throughout the registration as they did for the main registration site.

Here are a couple other cool layouts they have, for you to look at:

Finally, I want to encourage everyone to take a look at their corporate event planning software and see just how easy it is to set up a free account.


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