Thursday, August 30, 2007

Check out Coke zeros campaign "Life as it should be"!

I ran across Coke zeros site today and saw that not only do they have a great slogan, "Real taste, zero sugar," but they are also running a really great campaign that engages their visitors! They are calling the campaign "Life as it should be" and it is a ton of fun!

Coke zero is giving people the chance to direct a small movie. After you put it together, you send it in and it competes against other movies to see who's will be the highest rated.

How do you put together the video? Well, Coke zero has taken some old time film clips and allow you to change the words by using a voice recorder. You get to change the clips conversation in any way you would like. Some of the well done videos are hilarious!!! If you haven't already checked their campaign out, you should! Get over and check out all the hype, today!


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