Thursday, August 30, 2007

Patience.....why is it a virtue? ;o)

Never in your life has patience played such a part than in's bitter sweet, because it's a good thing because pregnancy is really one of the few things that God COMPETELY controls, it seems that everything in life, you don't have to wait for if you choose not to (yes, it's sad), money can buy you just about anything, you can take a loan out at anytime, stores are open 24-7, we're the fast food nation, etc...but pregnancy, every detial you can not touch, you can't hurry it, you can't tell it ah I don't have time right now, it's so beautiful how you have to wait, and humans can't taint it, but then on the other hand, it sure teaches you to slow down on things- cause you just can't get that ultrasound until a certian point, you just aren't going to feel him until he's so big.....because of patience, there's ALWAYS a next step to look forward to, and since you can't hurry that next step up you just have to sit back and enjoy being pregnant in the mean time :o)


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