Friday, September 28, 2007

Josh erased the pictures!

So, Josh got home from meeting Bill Bradley, which he loved! he wouldnt shut up about how he got to meet a hall of fame player..haha.. he was able to get a foam basketball signed by Bill, too, which is really awesome! Well anyways, josh came home and wanted to put the photos on the computer. it all went well until he saved them to the wrong folder... thinking he knew what he was doing, he just erased them.... only problem was that it erased them off of the camera, totally! Josh was sooo bumbed, but luckily he is good at searching the internet for ideas. He was able to find a site that helped explain how to recover photos off of memory cards, which was really awesome... what was even cooler is that about a month ago i had accidently done the same thing with a baby shower and josh was able to recover those (65 pictures), too!!!!!!!!


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