Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mavs being sued by Roy Tarpley!

I saw the dumbest story today! I saw that former Dallas Mavericks player Roy Tarpley is apparently suing the Dallas Mavericks and the NBA for discrimination! Now, when I first read this I was like... "Dang it Mavs, why did you have to go discriminating!" ... but then I read the article.. Roy is suing the NBA and the Mavs because they would not reinstate him into the NBA, based on the stance that he has a "disability." Well, his "disability" is drug addiction and he believes that when he got cleaned up the Mavs and NBA should have let him back into the league to play......

HOW STUPID!!!! People are so dumb! There was actually a court that sided with this idiot! The NBA have specific rules and one of them is not using drugs. Tarpley broke those rules and was kicked out. He got "cleaned" up and was allowed to come back, but it didn't take long for him to relapse and get kicked out again. This guy was given TWO chances to obey the rules. Then he comes back and sues the NBA because of his own actions!

I am sorry, but being addicted to drugs is NOT a disability!!! It is something that could have been avoided if you wouldn't have chosen to do the drugs in the first place! I don't ignore that he has an addiction, but to call it a disability is a total cop out and is belittling those who actually have real disabilities!

I am tired of seeing celebrities get out of trouble by not taking responsibility for their actions. Instead they say they have a "problem" and need help. Yes, they do need help, but that shouldn't mean that they get out of trouble and don't have to pay for their actions! I honestly don't think Tarpley has learned anything if he can turn around and say the NBA treated him "wrongly" by not reinstating him. They have rules, he broke them, and he has to suffer the consequences.

What's next.... Pete Rose will come out and sue the MLB by saying his gambling was an addiction and that it is a "disability," therefore he should be allowed to be reinstated? Our country takes these "rights" issues WAY too far. It's scary!


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