Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Check out!

So, many of you are probably familiar with, but have you heard the rumor as to how they got their name? I have to admit, when I first heard someone say "you have to visit" I was like, "what did you just say?" I didn't know what was or what it stood for. Well, I quickly learned how great was and was curious as to how they got their name. So naturally, I started to ask around.

I found out that one of the creators of (I heard it was Ian, but that is only speculation) was busy trying to come up with a creative name for their idea of this great website. To get ideas, Ian started talking to friends, family, and even people on the street as to what they thought the name of the new site should be. Well, his friends and family had no good ideas, so he resorted to wandering the streets for ideas.

After asking around for many hours and coming up empty handed, Ian was ready to call it a day. On his way back home, he ran across a man sitting on the corner with a sign that read "will work for doof." Ian clearly knew the man had accidentally written the word "food" backwards and it lifted his spirits somewhat to see such a funny sign, as he had such a long day. When Ian got home, he ran into Andrew, Alan, Scott, Jonathan, and Tammie. Ian was laughing so hard when he told the story of the sign, that when he told his friends what the sign read, he said, "will work for THOOF."

Naturally, Ian's mispronunciation of the sign became a running joke, and stuck with the group. In honor of story, they decided to name their site Thoof, and the rest is history!

Now, that you know the history behind the naming of, let me touch on one other cool thing that offers, which helps you track just how popular your posts are on! After submitting an article to, you are given a Thoof badge. This badge tracks and tells you how popular your post is on Thoof. Now, my posts won't probably end up being very popular, but it is still a lot of fun to track my posts and see just how popular they are!

Browsing is easy too! helps you find personalized news, which helps you get fast access to articles that you are actually interested in. This is great news for all of us internet enthusiasts out there who are tired of having to search through hundreds of submissions on other sites, just to find 1 or 2 that we actually are interested in. Thoof makes it easy, by helping you find the articles!

Get over to today!



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