Sunday, August 5, 2007

Barry Bonds hits 755th home run and ties Hank Aaron!

IT'S ABOUT TIME!! That is all I can say about this! I have personally gotten tired for turning to ESPN and seeing EVERY Giants game over the past couple weeks. Since I am now refusing to watch any late night ESPN until he hits number 756, I read up on his feat on espn, where they have the full article. The most satisfying part of Bonds home run was that we can stop watching every one of his games once he hits one more! I am rooting that he hits it soon! I am tired of hearing about all of his steroid crap! I know we aren't supposed to convict someone without knowing the whole story, but I totally think he is guilty of knowing that he took the steroids. I know he says that he had no idea, but there is no way he got that much bigger, stronger, and better (not to mention his shoe size increased by like 5 sizes), without knowing that they were taking some fishy pills..

I used to be such a huge fan of Barry Bonds, too! I remember going on a family vacation to St. Louis, and while we were there, I just HAD to go see the Cardinals play the Giants, so I could see Barry Bonds play. We stayed right across from the stadium, and the Giant's team just happened to stay in our Hotel! I remember everyone signing autographs, except Barry Bonds was no where to be seen. We ended up sitting right outside of the hotel one night, before a game, until he walked out, and he ended up signing only two autographs. I was lucky enough to get 1 of those 2 (The photo on the right is the photo I took right after I got him to sign my baseball). I just remember him being very mean and rude to all his fans. But hey, that baseball I got autographed is about to go up in value, so I don't really care that he was mean!!!

It is really too bad that all of that steroid stuff happened, because I used to be a huge fan of Barry Bonds! Now all I care about is the value his next home run will bring to my autographed ball.

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