Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Drew Carey will host "The Price is Right!"

I am not a huge fan of "The Price is Right," but I do admit that I watch it from time to time and it will be very strange seeing a new face host the epic show! I am not sure what I think of Drew Carey being hired to host the show. I thought he was an average host of "Who's Line is it Anyways," and in that show he really didn't have to do much but sit behind his desk.

However, he is a very funy commedian, and very well could end up being a very good addition to the show! Carey made it official by announcing his intentions on David Letterman,

"I realize what a big responsibility this is, It's only a game show, but it's the longest-running game show in American television and I plan to keep it that way," he said.

I was thinking that it would be weird to see someone so young on that stage, after watching Bob drag around the past few years, but I was very surprised to read that Carey is 49 years old, and he seems to have aged a lot since I last saw him on television. I am not saying that 49 is old, but he looks nothing like he did while on his show. I guess more time has passed than I thought.

Here is the full story that CNN published

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