Saturday, July 21, 2007

NBA Ref, Tim Donaghy, under investigation for betting on games!

"The FBI is investigating allegations that veteran NBA referee Tim Donaghy bet on basketball games over the past two seasons, including ones in which he officiated."

As a die hard NBA fan, I was really upset to see this article on Friday. I know that there are a lot of NBA fans and non-fans that are always criticizing the NBA and saying how they think it is rigged. The first thought that comes into my head is the 2005-2006 NBA Finals and all of the speculation that the calls that D Wade got were planned, to help the Heat win. Now, I am a Mavs fan, but I am not one of the fans that blammed anyone for rigging games! Yes, there were some fishy calls, but I can't bare to think there are actually rigged games...

SO, it really felt like a punch in the gut when I read this news. Not only did he possibly bet on games, he bet on games that he refed in! I don't want to count him guilty, but it is pretty suspicious that he quit the NBA and is already selling his home. There is even speculation that the Mob was involved.

I have a feeling it is true, but as an NBA fan, I REALLY hope it isn't!

Here is ESPN's Full Coverage on this breaking story!

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