Tuesday, July 17, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Yi Jianlian will NOT play for the Milwaukee Bucks, says Chinese team!

Just hours after I wrote about my first impressions of Yi Jianlian in a post, I read this story on ESPN.com!

The Beijing, China news reported that Guangdong Tigers chief, Chen Haitao, has said that Yi Jianlian will "definitely not" play for the Milwaukee Bucks! He went on to say that "This is not, as media reports have said, because Milwaukee, as a city with very few Chinese people, is not good for Yi's commercial development. Rather we want to find a team suitable for Yi's growth. That's the root of the problem." Chen later said, "The national team and the Olympic Games are now our key considerations ... If Yi Jianlian goes to a team where he can't compete, that would be being irresponsible to the national team."... haha

What is this guy talking about? I watched the Chinese National team get WHOOPED by a bunch of 3rd and 4th string Summer League players! Does this guy really think keeping him in China will help him? Playing against the Bucks players in practice all season, would be better competition than he will get if the other teams he will play against look as bad as their national team did. Ya Ya, they didn't have Yao, but they got schooled by summer league teams AND our US under 19 years of age team!

They are simply making excuses the have him moved to another team... I say NBA teams just say, "forget about him!"... there are plenty of other good players out there.. I know the Bucks will get screwed, but if I were a team owner, I wouldn't want a guy on my team that will constantly have pressure put on me and my organization!

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