Friday, July 13, 2007

Amy Palumbo, Miss New Jersey, Update!

So, if anyone read my blog yesterday, you know I had my thoughts on the whole Miss New Jersey, Amy Palumbo, story. Well, as always, I love to hear your comments... and as always, there are some people who have no intelligent thoughts at all, and just want to be heard.. and of course, the comments are always anonymous...haha.. So, here is the comment I got, and my response:

Anonymous said...

"First of all, do you know anything about Facebook? Are you aware that people can post pictures of OTHERS while all the people in the picture may not be aware the pictures are posted publicly? Second of all, in this day and age, with technology the way it is, many people do not have control over what is written or posted about them. Nor are they often times aware. Just because she is Miss New Jersey doesn't mean she hasn't had a few lapses in judgment as a college student out with her friends. (AS WE CAN ALL PROBABLY RELATE TO). Give the girl a break, and find something better to blog about."

Josh said...

1) I have been on Facebook for 4 years, so yes I know how it works. From everything I have read, OTHERS were not the ones that posted the photos, Miss Palumbo posted them herself. Even if the reports are wrong, and Miss Palumbo didn't post them, she should have known there would be consequences for her actions. (see thought #3) (NO, this doesn't mean I think blackmail is appropriate, those at fault should be punished, as I mentioned in my original post.. BUT, I don't have a problem with the photos being released and her possibly getting in trouble)

2) DUH, people don't have control over what is said or posted about them, but that doesn't apply here since SHE posted the photos HERSELF! (If someone else posted them, there are still consequences for our actions.. see thought #3)

3) Are you saying that because "kids make mistakes" there should not be any consequences for those actions? Kids should just be able to say, "oh crap, I made a mistake" and then we should just respond by saying, "oh, it's ok, no consequences for you since you said sorry." I believe I mentioned that kids make mistakes in my post, but to use that as an excuse and a reason for someone to get out of trouble is plain stupid!

4) People who choose to be in the spotlight are held to different standards, whether they (or you) like it or not. She made the decision to be photographed in a negative manor and she posted those photos of herself (or someone else did) on Facebook. They do not represent her title in a positive light, and it is more than appropriate to bring it up in the news, blogs, etc.

5) Lastly: you said "find something better to blog about." Maybe you don't understand that giving my thoughts on popular news stories is apart of what I do on this blog. If you don't like it, then don't read it.

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