Monday, July 16, 2007

Singer Robin Munis, shot in head sniper style by husband David Munis!

My thoughts on this story are below, but here are some links to the actual news articles in case you would rather just read the story:

CNN's Story
MSN Story of Sharpshooter's Suicide

Wow, creepy! How would you like to be sitting in the middle of a concert and all of a sudden the singer, you are watching so closely, gets shot right in the head? Well, that is exactly what happened in Cheyenne, Wyoming on Saturday, July 14th! Singer, Robin Munis, was shot by David Munis, her estranged husband (He is the main suspect, but clearly they don't know FOR SURE.. I must add this because while the guy is a trained sniper, his car was found abandoned, and he is on the run, some people would like me to make sure I point out he hasn't been proven guilty yet, which is true)! David Munis shot from outside of the Old Chicago restaurant / bar, so no one saw him shoot, but they did see him hanging around the bar earlier in the evening.

Police are saying, "We are working solely on him being the suspect, he is very dangerous."

"David Munis, 36, is a second lieutenant in the Wyoming Army National Guard who is attached to the guard's training camp, according to guard spokeswoman Deidre Forster. Schulz said Munis received sniper training from the military, but Forster said she didn't know whether he did or not"

Checkout the full story here!

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