Monday, July 16, 2007

Alonzo Mourning will be back for 1 more year with Miami Heat, then Retire

I know, as a Dallas Mavericks fan, I have very little room to talk about choking in this years playoffs.. HOWEVER, I don't think the Miami Heats situation and the Dallas Mavericks situation is the same.. I could argue all day about Dallas exiting in the first round, but I want to touch on Mourning's decision to return for 1 final year, and try to leave the Mavs out of this one..

I haven't quite decided if I think this is a good decision for Mourning or not. I mean, he is still good, but the fact that he has said this will FOR SURE be his last year, just makes this a strange decision, in my opinion. Mourning was quoted as saying,

"I want to redeem myself and try to help this team redeem ourselves as an organization and try to get back on track," Mourning said. "That wasn't the Miami team you saw in the playoffs last year. ... I was embarrassed. I was truly embarrassed by that outcome. I know for a fact we're a better team. It left a sour taste in my mouth and it's time to really end it all on the right note."

I don't really know what he has to redeem himself from? He has a title, his reputation was not ruined by exiting in the first round, and the Miami Heat will NOT be back in the finals any time soon! Him coming back will not help them get back to the finals. Sure, they have Wade, but other than that you have an aging Shaq, Walker, Williams, and now Mourning... Not to mention they are now without key backups in Posey (most likely), Kapono, and Payton.

In my opinion, if Alonzo Mourning is ONLY coming back to try to make up for this years playoff exit, he SHOULDN'T!!! It will likely only get worse unless they get younger players around Wade! Walk away before it gets worse next season!

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