Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Need answers about Web Development, Programming, or even Hosting? Check out www.DiscussWeb.com!

It is so ironic that I ran across this site today! Why do I say ironic? Well, I have been contemplating the idea of starting up my own sports web site, but have one small problem.... I don't know anything about Web Design, Web Development, or even where to find the best Host. I know, you are saying, "what is this guy doing thinking of starting up a site?"

You are probably right, but I think it would be a lot of fun and a great learning experience. Well, www.DiscussWeb.com is just the thing I need to help me put my ideas and thoughts together and help me start up my own site! Discuss Web is a very well informed IT community and the best place to discuss IT topics and questions!

There are many message/discussion boards out there, where you can get a variety of information, that may or may not be of any help. But, at Discussion Web, you will get answers from experts who discuss various technologies like
Web Design, software programming, quality assurance, website marketing, server management, and who can forget the big topic for anyone starting their own site, search engine optimization! Now you can receive the right information to help you out, instead of having to sift through good advice and bad advice.

Discuss Web describes itself as a "technical support community." This is a great way to describe them. Also, don't think that they are about standing still and just chatting, they are very committed to improving their, already great, website to make it even more helpful for developers and technology experts all around the world! If you have thoughts/dreams of improving your own site, then I highly recommend checking them out today!

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