Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Check out Darin.CC! Great all around site!

While I am not a huge internet guru, I can tell a good site when I see one. I was recently surfing the web when I ran across a blog that caught my attention. There are not many blogs that catch my attention, but this one definitely did!

Not only is it a very well layed out blog, but Darin.CC has very interesting topics to read about. It is a blog about Search Engine Marketing. Darin.CC is running a special offer, right now, where you can review his blog and you could win a Free Nintendo Wii in the process!

The layout of Darin.CC blog is great! I know my blog is not as eye catching and professional, but I hope to have one that is some day! Also, while some people seem to be annoyed by ads, I think they catch your attention and do a great job of getting you to click on them to read more! I know it is something very simple, but I really like how he has tabs at the top for "home," "about me," etc. I think this adds to the professionalism of his site a lot! If I had to find something that I would change, I would probably add some color to it. But then again, I probably like too much color on my blog, being a girl. :)

If you have never seen his blog, you need to get over to his site today! Don't forget to take advantage of his special promotional offer, as well!


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