Monday, June 25, 2007

Kevin Garnett, KG, Traded to Lakers for Kobe!?!

Well, it isn't a done deal, but it does seem to be in the works.... I personally would hate to see a class act guy, like KG, go to the whining Lakers and would even hate it more to see a Whiner like Kobe Bryant head to a classy organization like the Timberwolves! is reporting that this deal is in discussion, as can be read below:

"The Los Angeles Times reported on Monday that the Lakers were in discussions with the Minnesota Timberwolves about a trade that would send Garnett to the Lakers. The trade would also involve the Indiana Pacers and possibly a fourth team.
After speaking with a league source, I think the deal has some legs, though it doesn't appear imminent.
According to the source, the key to completing the deal is finding a fourth team that would (a) take Jermaine O'Neal and (b) send the Timberwolves enough pieces to complete the deal."

Let's hope it doesn't happen!!! As I could not stand to watch KG in a Yellow and Purple uniform.. Although, the Lakers did used to play in Minneapolis, so who knows, maybe I don't know anything and this would be a great move for both teams and the NBA....


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