Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Increase Your Page Rank! Google

I have read Ilker Yoldas ideas from The Thinking Blog. "He uses the ALT tags inside image links to increase page relevance. These keywords placed inside image links in ALT tags increase the value of the link due to the weightage given to these tags by search engine spiders."

Ilker Yoldas says "Moreover, when optimizing a site/web page for Google, remember that this attribute is taken into great consideration by Googlebot when spidering and indexing your pages. Thus, the ALT tag of an hyperlinked image tag has the same importance of a text link."

———Copy and paste the VIRAL-ICONS and instructions below this line———


1.) Copy and paste the matrix of “Viral Icons” below courtesy of Ilker Yoldas from The Thinking Blog. TIP : Easy way to do this : When viewing this page in browser go to View----->Page Source (CTRL+U) in Firefox and View------>Source in Internet Explorer. This page source will open in a Notepad file. Just copy all between the lines "———Copy and paste the VIRAL-ICONS and instructions below/above this line———".
Then paste it in Edit Html tab of post editor when creating your post.

2) Make a favicon for your blog.

3.) Upload your non-animated favicon (GIF image of size 16x16 pixels) to any free hosting service to any free hosting service, Googlepages Googlepages or to your own server provided by your hosting service if you have one. Then copy down it's link : LINK OF YOUR FAVICON.

4.) Substitute the Host Icon and one of the “Viral Icons” in the matrix with your ALT text of choice and your blog’s URL. Maximum of 3 specific keywords for the ALT text are best for it to be effective.

5.) When you get a ping back from someone that has your icon in one of their “Viral Icons”, practice good karma by copying his/her Host Icon’s code (automatically the associated ALT tag will also be copied) and paste it over one of your “Viral Icons” below.

6.) Invite your readers to do the same and soon this can grow virally.

*I got this information from http://mydzi.blogspot.com. check out his other great posts!


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