Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why is Paris Hilton Crying? She is out of Jail! Larry King gets 1st interview!

CNN.com's TOP story is Paris Hilton getting out of jail! If you see this article, you will puke! It has this sappy picture of her and her mom hugging... NOT only hugging, but CRYING! It is like she was locked up in prison for years after being wrongfully convicted for murder.. But NOOO, it was just after serving 23 days for something she actually DID do wrong!

"Hotel heiress Paris Hilton walked out of a Los Angeles-area jail early Tuesday with a big smile on her face after serving 23 days for violating her probation on a reckless driving conviction.... She has fulfilled her debt to society and it's now concluded." said sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore.
Hilton is scheduled to give her first post-jail television interview on Wednesday on CNN's "Larry King Live" show, after ABC and NBC last week dropped rival offers."

Give me a break! It was great to see our justice system hold a celebrity accountable for once! Hopefully this starts a trend of our courts making sure that stars get punished for their wrong doings, just like the rest of us!

AND, now that she is out, she is getting PAID a TON of money to sit down and give us her post-jail interview! She has NOT paid her debt, she owes me the last 2 months of my life back, after I have had to see her face on my TV screen EVERY time it turns on!!haha...


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