Thursday, May 24, 2007

Win a date with a Celeb at!

I ran across a really cool opportunity today! I know there are many companies that promote "winning a date with a star" to help promote themselves, but they are usually pretty lame. I found one that is NOT LAME at all! " is running a contest that allows you to win a date with celebrity, Mirelly Taylor from "Kiss Me Again", "Serving Sara", "Las Vegas" and "Numb3rs"!"

Mirelly Taylor has been in shows like "Punk'd", "Las Vegas", and "Numbers"! Not to mention she has been in great movies such as Kiss Me Again, and Serving Sara.

This contest and it's video's are not just run by anyone, either. Emmy Award Winning Producer, Scott Sternberg, and Andrew Firestone from "The Bachelor" are also apart of the show.

Seduce a Celeb is leading the way by being an online first! The online audience actually becomes part of the program through the submission of user videos!!! It is so much easier, and better, than sitting in front of your TV and calling/texting in to some channel. Seduce a Celeb really lets you become part of the action!

Go to now, to watch all of the hilarious Free videos at today! There are some really funny ones, like Denton Rose, one of the top contestants right now! If you think this is funny, you have to check out the rest of them at!


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