Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The prank of all pranks.. how embarrassing

So, there is this really cool ad agency called .Com Marketing Interactive Ad Agency. I saw that they are having a 10 year celebration and many people are sharing video's with them. I thought I would share a video of a prank we played on a friend.

I have this crazy, but lovable friend, Sanchitha! She is a lot of fun and will do just about anything. Well, knowing this, my friend Shay and I thought we would have a little fun with her. We were playing a simple game of Truth and Dare and we dared her to run around the building yelling "fire." I know it sounds pretty easy and not very funny, but the funny part was that she had NO idea there were about 10 guys around the corner, whom she had a crush on.

SOOOO, Sanchitha takes off yelling "Fire, Fire, Fire" when all of the sudden she disapears around the corner and we hear a *Thud,* the sound of the guys' Xbox falling on the ground and breaking... Sanchitha was SOOOO embarrassed that she not only made a fool of herself yelling "fire" in front of them, but actually ended up breaking their Xbox.

If you can not see the video, simply click HERE to see it, it is hilarious!!!

*This is a paid post


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