Thursday, May 10, 2007

Win Prizes with the LOWEST BID!!!!

Have you ever won an auction by having the lowest bid? I hadn't either, until I ran into the site! All you need to do is get the lowest unique bid for the any prize and you win! Below is an example of a low unique bid! Go to their site and click on "how to play" for more information! I know you are skeptical right now, and so was I, but it really works and is really easy! Win anything from TV's, to Cars, to a MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!

The item I found that I want to win is the Panasonic 42" TV and Bose DVD Theater System! How sweet would that be in Josh and my apartment? I hope I win it!!! All of Josh's staff will want to hang out at our place!:)

If you have not had a chance to check out this site, please get over there today! I highly reccommed it to everyone!!!!!!

*this is a paid post


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