Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sanchitha's Car Problems

For about the last 3 weeks I have been helping one of my friends look for a car... she recently got her license and can't wait to have a car to cruise around in... Josh and I have both been going with her to look at different cars... she is pretty set on getting an Eclipse, so hopefully we can find one for her.. we went to look at one yesterday but when we showed up the dealership was run out of a storage unit in some back the car looked nice but the dealer refused to bring the price down for many of the things that needed to be fixed on it, so she decided not to get the car...
She found another one that is at a Eclipse Dealership, so hopefully it won't be such a shady place when we show up this we are all praying it ends up being in good condition so Sanchitha can get a car and finally start cruising around in her own


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