Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sankey Love

VALENTINE'S DAY is coming soon! Some people don't like valentine's day but I do, I think it's a cute and fun day to celebrate your love for one another, not that you need a "special" day for that, but they come out with the cutest candies, stuffed animals, etc...;o) I don't know what we're doing, Josh has some surprise, he says it's for Wed. and Friday, sooo......I have no idea....i like surprises though, lol.....I was all excited cause I actually had a really good gift idea for Josh, cause I feel bad cause V-day can get one sided, siding with the girl.....it was this awesoem universal remote that like does everything automatically, I don't know how to explain it, but it was cool, but when i snuck off to go buy it it was in the hundreds, which I TOTALLY didn't expect, I thought it was gonnabe like $50, which till is a pretty big price for a remote, so I was bummed, because Josh is THE most hardest person to shop for, he doesn't want most of the of the normal guy gifts like, underwear, socks, ties, dress shirts, tools, cufflinks....his loves are basketball (mavs) and xbox, and in those areas, he seriously has everything his heart desires, lol........what's left for me to get?? man, girls are SO easy to shop for....I could think of a million things you could buy for a girl :o) hehe, well we'll have fun no matter what, yeh I can't wait! :o)


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