Saturday, February 17, 2007

Soap Opera Site.. Good or Bad?

I recently took the time to evaluate the CBS Soap Operas website and wanted to share what I thought.

While a lot of this site is done very well, my eyes are drawn to the bulleted information under each picture graphic. While it is very informative information, it is not very appealing. The font that was chosen should be more appealing to the eye and possibly finding a better way to present the bulleted information would be better, as well.

Some of the most interesting and appealing sites I have looked at some how incorporate the information you present as simple bullets into the main photo graphic somehow. I would suggest enlarging the shows main photo graphic a little bit and then making each bulleted information an appealing graphic of some sort that would lay on top of the photo graphic. Each of these bulleted items, now represented in the form of a graphic (could still be written, but in a cool graphic form) could enlarge a little bit when someone scrolls over them.

I think this would make the site appear more professional than just having bulleted information in that non-appealing font.

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