Saturday, February 17, 2007

Valentines Day!

This past weekend was amazing! On Valentines Day, Josh gave me flowers, a card, and some really cute valentines stuff. The card was really sweet and I loved the flowers and valentines stuff he gave me, but he told me that there was more to come this weekend.

Well, Friday rolled around and he told me that he had a gift for me. I opened the gift and found a night mask from Victoria Secret in the bag. It was one that I had pointed out on many occassions when shopping with him, and it says "Wake me with a kiss" on it.... it is SUPER CUTE!... Josh told me that he was taking me somewhere and that I had to put the mask on until we got there.

We drove for quite a while and when we finally stopped Josh told me to take the mask off and open my eyes. When I opened my eyes I saw that he had taken me to the Hyatt Recency Hotel in Dallas! This hotel is a Gorgeous 4 star hotel! So, we got our room and then Josh opened up the suitcase and pulled out dress clothes for both him and myself. He told me that at 6pm we had reservations to eat at the top of the ball that overlooks all of Dallas. This restaurant even had a dress code, so it was very romantic!!! While you eat, the floor rotates so while you look out the windows over the city, you see a different view at all times. It makes a full rotation every hour....AHHHHH, it was soooo great! The coolest part was that we didnt even have to leave the hotel since the huge ball is attached to the hotel! It was so nice to get away like that and we even ordered room service last night and at breakfast in their cafe in the morning.

Josh is such a great husband and knows how to keep the spark! I can't wait for the next 80 Valentines Day's with him!!!


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