Thursday, March 9, 2006

Oh what a beautiful morning...

Three of my friends, and my cousin are coming down for Spring break this month :o) yeh, I'm excited :o) I figured we'd hangout around here, go into Dallas a couple days, and I wanted to take them to SanAntonio too, the Riverwalk is so beautiful, and we loved San Antonio when we went there, I know they will too, maybe we can get a hotel and spilt the room between us :o) Last time Josh and I went we staye din the Drury Inn on the Riverwalk, beautiful hotel! :o) Oh! and with Josh's g-pa passing away I forgot to tell about what we did for Valentine's Day :o) The day before he told me we needed to get in the car and go somewhere, but I couldn't see where we were going so I had to put a blind fold on. He drove around in circles forever, because I'm good with directions :o) And finally when were where there I took it off and he had rented like our own cottage, at this bed and breakfast :o) Huge, bigger than our own apartment, big King size bed, kitchen, living room with a fire place :o) And a HUGE jacuzzi tub :o) fun fun fun.....when I went in he had rose petals everywhere, and had already packed up our stuff for the night and had it there :o) so sweet :o) We ordered Chinese food in, and In the morning we got up and went to the main part of the house and had a wonderful breakfast :o) Awwww, it was so nice :o) I have such a great huband :o)


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