Thursday, November 3, 2005

yeh blogging!

Well, after much thought I decided to blog, seen a lot of people blogging but really didn't think I want to do it, but I set up an account and here I am! I named the blog after my husband, but it's me ;o)Little about myself, I'm married and recently moved to Texas for my husbands job- so it's our first year as texans! We really like it here so far, many differences than iowa but a good change. :o) I don't have a job as of yet, with being in such a huge city we thought we just would get settled in and get used to everything, before I get a job. We really like our apartment, and everything about it, cute, and homey...even though Texas doesn't quite seem like home as of's hotter than iowa, but that's a good change :o) Well better go get ready to go to lunch with Josh! bye for now...


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