Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Love is in the air~

Valentine's is coming, my first Valentine's married, wonder what Josh has planned, maybe nothing but at least I can hope it's something :o) Cleaned the Apartment today, seems like it needs cleaning all the time. Our bed is so hard, Josh is talking with his boss to see if we can get a new bed. Our Apt. comes furnished so the university pays for it all, and the bed we have now is like a little kiddy bed and it's hard, makes my back hurt, Josh's too. So hopefully we can move our bed into the guest room and get a new one :o) Found out I might be having 3-4 of my friends come down to Texas for Spring Break, that'll be fun fun :o) I like living in a tropical climate weathered state, because then everyone wants to visit you :o) I like having people come and stay, because it's usually just josh and I. :o) But that's good too :o)


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