Thursday, February 23, 2006


Well, sad news, Josh's grandpa passed away right around Valentine's Day :o( We found out and caught the soonest flight back home, was and is really sad, sucks to be so far away because we didn't get to see him like everyone else did. But at least we got to see him at Christmas :o) Great guy, glad I was able to know him as long as I did, and I know Josh misses him much. The funeral was done really well, I sang a few songs at it, and it was a good time for all the family to be together, even though it was such a sad reason. At least he's in heaven, with no pain anymore :o) Huge house full of stuff to go through, wish we could have stayed longer to help clean, and sort through everything....want to be able to help, that's the hardest thing of being so far away. Just makes you cherish the moments you do get with your loved ones. My Grandpa isn't doing good and doesn't have much time either.....


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