Monday, April 26, 2010

More on self improvement

Let's focus on one area of self improvement.... Dieting! It seems like everyone diets now! And it isn't that people are eating healthier... the term diet doesn't mean "eat healthy" any longer. It means, "give me whatever you have to in order to make me smaller!".... notice, it doesn't say "healthier"... just "smaller." We don't care about our health, only our looks. We can look at all the top diet pills we want, and even take them, but will that really make us happy? No, I would argue it won't. It will put a band-aid on our pain for a while, but the emptiness will come back and we will start searching again. Well, open up your Bible and continue your search for happiness. Take some time to read through John and pray that the God of the Bible meets you where you are at! HE WILL! End your search for happiness, by finding true happiness in Christ!


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