Saturday, August 11, 2007

Choose SCORE... They can help!

So, after looking for some time, it appears that my aunt is going to choose SCORE! I had spoken with her about SCORE a while back and she even had me write a post on it a few months ago. After careful consideration, she has a great feeling that SCORE's Innovative Tutor system, will help her son out greatly!

She said it comes down to reputation, and SCORE has a great one! The program that stands out the most, and will probably be the one her son starts, will be the Math program. The exciting part is that SCORE doesn't bore the children, they make it fun and even customize the curriculum based on the child's needs! I am positive that this program will help her son out a lot, and will help him stay ahead in his studies, in the future!

When I first talked to her and wrote about SCORE, I thought she was really excited, but after hearing that she has looked into it further and has decided to really pursue it, she has gotten even more excited about the program, and about her son getting the help he needs. If anyone you know is in this same boat, you need to refer them to SCORE's Innovative Tutor programs today!


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