Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Need Drug Rehab? Try Stone Hawk!

While I have not personally been through drug rehab, I have read enough about Stone Hawk to know that I agree with their principles!

Whenever I hear about drug treatment, it usually accompanies talk about what sorts of meathods are used. It seems most of my friends who have gone through treatment are given additional drugs in order to free them from the adiction of a drug. Mr. Kellogg, the founder of Stone Hawk Drug Rehabilitation Center, believed in the use of saunas and holistic medicine. He also believed nutrition was the key to keeping one's body healthy and has a drug free withdrawl program in place at Stone Hawk.

Not only is it a drug free withdrawl program, but Stone Hawk is in a semi-residential area, surrounded by rolling hills and large oak trees. Not to mention there is a beautiful lake fully stocked for fishing and relaxing, lake side. If you or someone you know needs to find help for a drug addiction, I strongly reccommend checking out Stone Hawk Drug Rehabilitation Center

Visit Stone Hawk's website for answers to all of your questions.

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