Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Millionaire Dating site review

Are you interested in dating a millionaire? If you are, then you need to check out this new Millionaire Dating web site. I have the opportunity to review sites quite often and this is one of the best put together sites I have seen.

Some of the things I would suggest thinking about tweaking a little bit are:

For one, I know the large ammount of green used on the site is probably to represent the color of money. However, it is not that eye catching and appealing, so you may want to evaluate the ammount of green you use on the main page.

Another thing I noticed was that it is a Millionaire Dating website, but the little bundle of money up in the left hand corner of the page is kind of generic looking and you could probably find a better graphic to represent the money, especially since it is a millionaire dating site, where you want it to look as classy and upscale as possible.

Other than those 2 minor things, I find this site very well done and easy to navigate. I would highly suggest it to anyone who is interested in Millionaire Dating.

*This is a paid post


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