Saturday, November 20, 2010

Enjoying My Lunch Break

Authored by Alvaro Jordan

I get two 30 minute breaks at my job and one 2 hour lunch break. On my break, I go and pick up some food from one of my favorite Chinese restaurants down the street. I and my favorite co worker normally always take our breaks at the same time so that we can enjoy each other's company during our break, plus it saves gas with only one of us having to drive.

The Chinese restaurant located down the street from the job has a large buffet that I and my friend love. They always have a variety of selections to choose from and occasionally new items that they allow us to try for free. The staff there is always friendly and always recommending different items that they think we will like based on our past orders. We visit this place practically everyday.

Since my house is right down the street from the job, after we have gotten our food, we head to my house for a little relaxation and to catch up on our favorite television show. Since we have one hour and a half to play with after we get our food sometimes I watch DirecTV on my lunch break. Sometimes is becoming more often but what can I say? I have fallen in love with my satellite television. Afterwards, it's back to work!

"I have been paid for this guest post."



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