Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Watching The Carolina Hurricanes in High Definition

Guest post written by Christine Duncan

This time of year is nirvana for a sports fan, with pro football in full swing, college football hurtling towards the bowl games, the pro basketball season kicking off and baseball finishing up, there's a ton of sports to watch and almost too much to keep up with. But for me, my favorite thing to make sure I never miss is my Carolina Hurricanes, and I always watch my hockey in high definition on direct tv hd channels. The high def feed is the closest thing to being right on the ice, and every hockey fan knows that hockey is the best sport to watch up close.

That's why minor league hockey is so successful, especially considering that so many other minor league sports have a hard time attracting fans to the games. Hockey is a game of action, but if you are trying to watch it in standard definition, good luck trying to keep up with the play. The absolute best way to watch every dance of the puck is with HDTV, where you can catch every single bounce and slash as the extremely talented players of the NHL make their moves.

You might think that the Carolina Hurricanes wouldn't have much of a fan base in college basketball country, but they fill the stadium every night and they even won the Stanley Cup a few years ago.

"I have been paid for this guest post."


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