Thursday, July 5, 2007

Xbox 360 (xbox360) repairs cost Microsoft $1B (1 Billion dollars)!

So, I am a huge Xbox360 fan and have owned one since the day they came out. However, I can't really stick up for them when I hear people talk about all the problems they seem to have. I know I have personally gone through 3 Xbox360's myself, which just should not be the case. I don't treat it poorly, and try to take care of it, and they still seem to break down.

I was NOT surprised to hear that Microsoft has lost over 1 billion dollars ($1B) due to these repairs.

"Microsoft Corp. said Thursday said it would take a more than $1 billion charge to fix "an unacceptable number of repairs" to its Xbox 360 video game consoles and had missed shipment targets for the end of June."

I hope they figure this problem out, because it is really going to start to hurt Microsoft A LOT if they don't!

Click here to read all about this story!

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