Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Doctors are suspects in United Kingdom (UK) (Great Britain) Terrorist terror plot!

It seems that every day we hear another story about terrorists.. It is really scary! Now they are finding out that as many as a dozen DOCTORS might be involved in these plots!

"Investigators believe a network of up to a dozen medics from the Middle East were sent to infiltrate [Britain's National] Health Service as a cover for terrorist operations," reported The Daily Telegraph in Australia, where two doctors were being questioned about the plot."

Now they are starting to take over jobs like being doctors? What's next? One of the guys they suspect of being involved, looks like a normal everyday person like me or you, so it makes it impossible to suspect individuals of these types of things!

Look at him:

Dr. Mohammed Asha is suspected of being involved in the weekend's alleged terror plot in Britain.

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