Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Review of "the thinking blog!" Great site!

First of all, I don't even feel worthy of reviewing the graphic design of this blog, considering I am still using a sorry blogger template, but here are my 2 cents anyways. When I first visited "the thinking blog" I didn't feel like I was at some boring blog, which is a very GOOD thing! There are so many blogs out there that feel like they are just thrown together, and "the thinking blog" definitely doesn't feel that way at all! The layout, break down of post categories, ads, content, etc. all make this blog feel like you are really engaging yourself in something more than just a typical blog! I know that as soon as I figure out more about blogging, and how to change my design, I will try to learn from a lot of things I see on "the thinking blog."

I mentioned briefly that I liked the layout. Let me explain a little more as to why I said that. The main reason I say that the layout really adds to the overall appeal of "the thinking blog" is because it is so user friendly. Yes, blogger templates are very user friendly as well, but "the thinking blog's" layout is user friendly while also feeling more professional and not as cheap as some free templates.

Along with being user friendly, there are also great options along the top of the screen that help break down the different categories of posts. While most new bloggers will not have enough posts to probably need all of these options, it really helps an advanced bloggers site like "the thinking blog." It also helps their readers, who are looking to read posts on certain issues instead of having to search through hundreds of posts that aren't filed in any order.

The third thing that might seem small to some, but really stands out to me, is the ads and sponsors. When you go to any popular website or blog, you typically see some sort of advertisements and sponsors. When I was first browsing through "the thinking blog" one thing that really helped make it feel very credible was the sponsors and ads. I am not saying that all sites with ads and sponsors are credible, but "the thinking blog" uses them and places them in a tasteful way, where it doesnt get in the way of your overall blog reading experience.

Lastly, I really enjoyed the overall content of "the thinking blog." The information and posts come from a variety of angles and are on many different issues, which makes it more interesting than a lot of blogs. Also, for the most part, the posts are written in a very engaging and even witty manor, which draws the reader in. A good example of one of the posts that I felt was very engaging was "Being a Good Parent." Maybe this post caught my attention because my husband and I are expecting our first child in October, but I felt like it was very well written and had many great points!

When it comes to finding areas of possible improvement, it is very difficult considering I am so new to the blogging world. However, I did agree with another reviewer that there could be more "how too" posts. But, my suggestion would be to not only have more "how too" posts, but also to possibly make it a category at the top of the page, where bloggers could easily find the "how too" posts.

Overall, I think having the opportunity to review "the thinking blog" really helped me more than I thought. It got me to really think critically about what I want in my own blog and where I want direction I want to go with it.

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