Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I want to be a spy like Michael Weston!!!

Ok, so I know I am a girl, but does it really matter? How cool would it be to work for the CIA as an Operative? It would be sweet to get to spy on people and live on the edge like that!

I know what you are thinking... "in the title of this post, it says Michael Weston, who is he?".. Starting June 28th Michael Weston will be invading your home every week on USA Network's Burn Notice! I will discuss him more in a little bit, but back to me and my dreams of being a spy (big dreams!..haha)

I was kidding with my husband, this morning, that I was a spy and he laughed. He asked, "what kind of cool spy tools and techniques do you use, to get through all your secret missions?" As I thought about that question, all of the movies and video games I have seen, start to go through my mind. I would have to say the #1 item I would need is some sort of awesome, secret, watch that does cool things like shoot a laser, radio for help, and turn into a car (you know, like all the famous spy operatives have).

I know I am getting very creative here, but a tool that could change my appearance would come in very handy, when trying to keep my true identity hidden! I could just take the tool, hold it under my chin, and BOOM.. It would change my facial appearance to that of someone else. How handy would that come in, when trying to escape from danger?

There are all kinds of other tools that I could use, but that would take all day with the way my mind works..haha.. The second part of my husbands question crossed my mind too, when he asked what kind of techniques would I use? I wouldn't need anything too fancy, since I would have so many cool tools that could change my appearance, shoot lasers, and a have a car available at all times (that could fly, of course). I think my techniques, as far as fighting would have to be to change my appearance, to keep mine hidden, and use martial arts.. since I would be a black belt and all :)

Now that I am done dreaming..... who is this Michael Weston guy?!? As I mentioned earlier, he will be a CIA Operative on USA Network's Burn Notice, starting June 28th. Michael Weston served his country for 10 years in Eastern Europe, before getting burned (getting burned is a horrible way to say "fired")... The country froze his bank account, all his assets, and dropped him in Miami. Let's just say, they make his life very hard on him! "Now Michael has a much different mission: he must find out who issued his burn notice and why he was blacklisted so that he can put his life back together." To find out more about Michael, and this exciting new series, head over to http://www.usanetwork.com/series/burnnotice/ and read up on all the actors, characters, and plot to see what you will be experiencing, starting June 28th on USA!

*this is a paid post


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