Monday, March 14, 2011

Foodball January!

Guest post written by Bill Justice

This past Sunday, my wife and I made plans to make a big deal out of the NFC and AFC Championship games on television. After picking up some Digital Hearing Aids, we made a special trip to the grocery store and bought a great deal of food and refreshments. We made the day a little holiday for ourselves. We love football, and we've been watching these teams throughout the entire season. Also, we're still lamenting the fact that the holiday season has passed, so we are starting to give ourselves a few days to look forward to. We watched both games between the Jets and Steelers and the Packers and Bears. We snacked all day and made some great items for dinner.

Next weekend, we are hosting a big Super Bowl party for our friends and family members. The Super Bowl really has become a holiday in America, and we certainly treat it as such. Mostly, we use it as an excuse to see the people that we care about, but we are genuinely excited about the game itself; I can assure you. This weekend was pretty good but next is going to be even better!

*I was paid for this guest post.*


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