Saturday, November 15, 2008

Looking to get away...

With work, school, and everything else going on, we just need to get away and enjoy some family time. We have gone to many places here in Texas and have thought about a cabin. That was before I started to read about Branson and what it has to offer. I think it would be the perfect get away for us to enjoy together! Emry is getting to the age that he would really enjoy something like that.

They have tons of shows to offer, such as acrobats from china, grand jubilee, and the Haygoods! They also have a ton of cool museums, water rides, go cart tracks and mini golf! If we aren't in the mood for all the sight seeing we can enjoy a movie or go shopping. has a lot of packages to help us plan too. Depending on what we are looking for, there are packages ranging from $500 to $800. I would highly suggest heading over to their site and begin planning your next vacation.


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