Friday, September 21, 2007

Great Deals!

we ended up getting some really good deals last night, but we were there MUCH longer than we wanted to be. the lines to check out were insane and there were hundreds of people waiting in them. We got there at 8pm and shopped until just around 9pm. Then we saw the line was sooooo long, so we decided to chill against the wall and just wait for the line to die down. well, it just kept getting longer and longer, so we decided to wait until the place closed it's doors. that way the line could only get shorter. well, the line started to get shorter around 10pm, but it was still VERY long and slow, so we walked around shopping. we finally got in line when it had gone way down, but we did not get out of there until 2am!!!! we ended up getting home at 2:30am!


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