Monday, September 24, 2007

Do you need help getting something done?

One thing that we have noticed, living far away from family, is that it is really hard to find people to help you get things done. We have some friends but it is not the same as having family and close friends you can rely on. Well, I have been looking for someone to help get some stuff done, and I finally found a great place to look for help! is a site where you can find people to help with just about anything! It is based on the same concept as other post and bid sites, only the cool twist is that you do not post and bid on merchandise. Instead, you post and bid on projects! No matter what you need help with, you can simply post the project you need help with and people can send in bids for the job. Then you, the poster, can look through the bids and find the person they want to hire.

This is great for people needing work, or those who simply want a side job. You can even set it up so you receive emails letting you know about jobs you are interested in, when they are posted! How easy is that? If you want work, some extra cash, or need a project completed, you should check out, today!


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