Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Allen Iverson to pay $250,000 to Marlin Godfrey and David Anthony Kittrell for bodyguard beating

For you sports fans, this might be of interest. While Marlin Godfrey and David Anthoney Kittrell sued for 20 million dollars, I think they will be fine with walking away with 250,000 dollars! How crazy! I mean, maybe Jason Kane did beat him and he was probably drunk and deserved it, but 250,000 dollars is a LOT for "suffering."... what kind of suffering did he go through?haha.. I have seen a lot of fights but I don't remember them getting money like that..

I guess this teaches us that if we see someone with money, who has a bodyguard, we should provoke them into beating us..haha.. what is the point of a bodyguard if they can't defend their clients?

If you see me walking around with a million dollars, you know how I got it;)

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