Thursday, October 26, 2006

car problems

Josh and I went to go out to eat for my birthday and I picked a place that was pretty far away, but I wanted to swtop by this halloween store before we went that was only a few blocks from where we live, so we stopped and on our way back to our car, we hopped in and it wouldn't work....we tried everything, not having a cell phone and all, and it wouldn't work, so sucky night it started out, finally someone lent us their cell phone so we could call one of Josh's staff members to pick us up, they did and we were thankful then that westopped at that store otherwise we would have been a ways away from help....God is so good :o) Ended up having to tow the car, it's a lot cheaper than I thought to tow a car. But we didn't want it to ruin our night so we asked a friend if we could borrow her car, she let us, but by the time we got to the resturant, we had to order it to go because it was closing, lol.....turned out an eventful night, but happy 22nd birthday to me :o)


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